Life and AD&D Insurance

It’s important to plan for your family’s financial security in case the unexpected happens. That’s why Sample Company provides full-time regular employees with basic life insurance and basic AD&D insurance — at no cost to you.

Basic Life and AD&D

Life insurance pays a lump-sum benefit to your beneficiary(ies) to help meet expenses in the event of your death. AD&D Insurance pays a benefit if you die or suffer certain serious injuries as the result of a covered accident. In the case of a covered accidental injury (e.g., loss of sight, loss of a limb), the benefit you receive is a percentage of the total AD&D coverage you elected based on the severity of the accidental injury.

Voluntary Life and AD&D

You must enroll; you pay for coverage through before-tax payroll deductions

Voluntary Life insurance for your dependents can help protect your family during difficult times.

Employee Voluntary Life and AD&D Monthly Contributions
Employee Age Cost per $10,000 of coverage
Under 25 0.58
25-29 0.7
30-34 0.93
35-39 1.04
40-44 1.16
45-49 1.74
50-54 4.99
55-59 5.27
60-64 7.65
65-69 14.73
70+ 23.89
Spouse/Domestic Partner Voluntary Life
$0.049 per $5,000 of coverage
Child(ren) Voluntary Life
$0.98 for $10,000
Children under 6 months are limited to $1,000 of coverage.
Employee Voluntary AD&D
$0.28 per $10,000 of coverage